Your First Visit

Please arrive 20 minutes before your appoitment time to fill out paperwork.
You may also download the forms, fill them out and bring them to your scheduled appointment.

Questions and Answers

  1. How does acupuncture work?
    According to the Chinese medical theory, Qi or Life Energy flow throughout the body. By placing fine, sterile needles at specific acupoints on the body can activates the body's Qi flow and promotes natural healing. Illness arises when flow of Qi in the channels become blocked. By restoring the flow of Qi, illnesses dissapear.
    Although no one can explain precisely how acupuncture works, scientic research shows that following an acupuncture treatment physiological shifts occur. These shifts include an increase in the body's own natural painkillers and anti-inflammatory agents, improvements in hormonal activity and immune system functions.

  2. What is the treatment procedure?
    An acupuncture treatment usually lasts around one to one and half hours   The acupuncturist will ask you questions about your overall health, family history, and the symptoms you are currently experiencing. She will then feel your pulse and examine your tongue. After gathering all the information, she will formulate a treatment plan, which may include acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, or herbal prescriptions and life style suggestions related to your diagnosis. We suggest that you wear loose, comfortable clothes or bring a pair of shorts to change so that we'll have access to points on your upper legs and knees. It is recommended to eat a light meal about an hour before your appointment.

  3. What should I expect in an acupuncture treatment?
    During the acupuncture treatment, you may feel warmth, pressure, or tingling. These sensations are usually mild and transient. If you have any concerns, you may communicate with the acupuncturist so that she may adjust the treatment to your comfort. Most patients say that the treatment is extremely relaxing - some even fall asleep!

  4. How many treatment will I need? 
    The number of treatment will vary from person to person. The treatment will depend on how long your problem has been going on, how severe your problem is, and the nature of the your problem in general. Acupuncture works in a series of treatments. With each treatment you will feel better, and with consistency, you will feel much better overall, living your life again with comfort and ease. Your practitioner will explain to you the proposed treatment plan and tell you how many treatment you will need.

  5. What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?
    Chinese herbal medicine is one of the treatment methods within Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the world's oldest, continually practiced professional medicine. Its history dates back over 5000 years. Chinese herbs are like supplements. They'll boost up and nourish your system where it's deficient. They don't just treat the symptoms like Western medications, instead they'll treat the root of the issue that is causing the symptoms so the symptoms don't happen again. Chinese herbs can come in the form of granules, capsules or tablets.