Pumpkin soup for the autumn season

Pumpkin soup(A)1cup of roasted  cashew                                  1cup of water

(B)1/2 onion [stir fried until translucent]                  3 cups of steamed pumpkin                              2 cups of chicken broth [boil chicken with             ginger]                                                        salt to taste                                                         pumpkin seeds for garnish

Blend (A) in the blender. Blend (B) in the blender. Mix and boil (A) & (B) in a pot  and add salt at the end.                                                         
Therapeutic qualities of pumpkin in Chinese Medicine.
                                       Pumpkins are cool, sweet and slightly bitter in nature. It has the function to resolve dampness by strengthening Speen Qi.  

You can try pumpkin for the following conditions:-

Reduce weight. From the viewpoint of Chinese medicine, accumulated fat is the accummulation of Phlegm and Dampness. 

Note: Dampness comes from the failure to burn off or transform moisture in the body.  

Three seeds rice porridge (San Zi Zhou) 

(A) 1/2 cup of rice
       2 cups of chicken broth or water  
       2 slice of ginger                         
(B) 3 tbsp of pine seeds (lightly shallow fry)
      3 tbsp black sesame seed
      3 tbsp flax seed (powder)
      sesame oil
      scallion for garnish     

Combine (A) in a claypot and bring to a boil, then lower the heat to very slow simmer and cook to a creamy consistency, stirring occasionally. Add additional water if necessary.
Add (B) to the porridge.  Bring it to boil for about 2 mins.  

Therapeutic qualities in Chinese Medicine.     
Fall and Winter season are dry season. Three seeds rice porridge is suitable for this two season.  It is good for dry skin, dry cough and constipation.

Ginger (Sheng Jiang): Warm the stomach ; treat stomachache, nausea and morning sickness. It is commonly used to treat mild or early stages of common colds.
Black sesame seed (Hei Zhi Ma) and Flax seed: Both seeds rich in oil and lubricates the intestines to treat constipation from lack of blood and body fluids.
Black sesame seed is used with other herbs to treat premature graying hair, dizziness and blurred vision.
Pine seeds (Song Zi Ren): Moisten and lubricate the intestines and lung. Good for constipation and dry cough.